Congrats Lizette Salas

LPGA Pro Lizette Salas photographed at Azusa Green Country Club, photographed by Robert GallagherCongrats to Lizette Salas on clinching the winning point for the U.S. at the Solheim Cup this past weekend. What a win! Photographed here for Golf Digest (with a major wind machine assist by her Dad!)LPGA Pro Lizette Salas photographed at Azusa Green Country Club, photographed by Robert Gallagher

Rickie Fowler wins PGA Players Championship

Rickie Fowler Golf DigestCongratulations to our buddy Rickie Folwer who finally won his first Major tournament this past weekend, and what a nailbiting playoff to decide it too. We got to have fun with Rickie during my first ever assignment for Golf Digest, one of my favorite clients.Rickie Fowler Golf DigestHe’s a first rate Motocross rider it turns out and apparently could have turned pro there too. I think he made the right choice. Good on ya Rickie, although it appears your girlfriend may have stolen all the headlines!Rickie Fowler Golf Digest

Lizette Salas for Golf Digest

LPGA Pro Lizette Salas photographed at Azusa Green Country Club, Azusa, Ca August 8 2014.A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with LPGA Tour Pro Lizette Salas for Golf Digest. The editors there are so great to work with, always encouraging to go beyond the obvious ‘golfy’ shot, gives you so much more freedom and confidence to play around and have fun. LPGA Pro Lizette Salas photographed at Azusa Green Country Club, Azusa, Ca August 8 2014.And one thing i learned, if you’re ever short of a wind machine, a leaf-blower works pretty darn well as a stand-in! Especially when subject’s Dad is groundskeeper of said club.LPGA Pro Lizette Salas photographed at Azusa Green Country Club, Azusa, Ca August 8 2014.A fun day was had by all, and i think it shows in the pictures! Thanks Lizette and best of luck, we’ll be rooting for ya. LPGA Pro Lizette Salas photographed at Azusa Green Country Club, Azusa, Ca August 8 2014.

Bob Goalby for Golf World

Just in time for The Masters, here’s a shoot we did a few weeks ago for Golf World’s backspin issue with 1968 Masters Champion Bob Goalby. Shot at his home in Palm Springs, we asked Bob to take himself back to the 18th at Augusta. He beautifully relived the moment for us, allowing me to recapture that feeling of pure joy and satisfaction.

US Open champions; old and new


Above is our recent shoot with former US Open Champion at Congressional, Ken Venturi, who won in 1964, in the current issue of Golf World Magazine. Ken was great to work with, and at 80, was quite happy to work through a number of different shots around his home in Palm Springs. In fact we just basically turned it into a photo studio. But he was cool with that, so i can’t argue. He has a fascinating story of how he fought massive heat stroke to win the title back in ’64. I guess they didn’t have tiny little water bottles in those days! And below current US Open Champion Graeme McDowell. We shot him a few years ago, when he was nothing but a wee lad. Look at him now, all growd up and winning majors!golf2

Condoleezza Rice for Golf Digest


Last month we did a fun shoot with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, on the golf course, obviously! I have to say she was great to work with and quite malleable. I use that expression in terms of how open a subject is to ideas. Sometimes, with high profile people, you just never know. It can go either way. But i think after having been doing this for twenty years or so, that’s where the experience comes in. Knowing when and how to open your big mouth. This is in itself the art of portrait photography if you ask me. Anyway, the other personally gratifying aspect of this shoot, is that i was in effect backing up a personal photo- hero of mine, none other than the great Walter Iooss jr, who i believe was originally slated for this shoot. It feels great to be in such good company. You can read the full article here:

Robert Gallagher photographs: PGA Rookie of the Year Rickie Fowler


Earlier this year we did a fun shoot with a new upstart in the golfing world, a punky little O.C. skate-dude by the name of Rickie Fowler. Now, any time a magazine spends the time, effort and resourses to focus on a ‘hot, new thing’, then you know they’ve probably got their finger on the pulse enough more than me, to know what they’re actually talking about. But when i met Rickie, i kind of had a feeling this kid’s gonna be something special. Guess what, he was just named PGA Rookie of the Year, and that’s after having been a key player on the US Ryder Cup team this summer! Oh, and by the way, he’s a kick- ass motocross rider too…. and has a bit of that Zac Efron/ Justin Bieber thing going on. Can’t you just hear Nike and MTV swooning?

a shoot with US Open winner Graeme McDowell

Graeme McDowell
I was so happy to hear that Graeme McDowell from sunny ‘Norn Irn’ won the US Open this past weekend. It reminded me of a cool shoot I did with him back in 2004 for The Observer Sports Magazine (UK). We spent an afternoon on a Scottsdale, Arizona golf course, just shooting around making pictures, and he was awesome to work with. No publicists, no handlers, just me and him having a laugh. I still can’t play golf though. I guess i never picked up any tips. Anyway, good for you Graeme. I’ve always been keeping an eye on your progress.