New Work: Wilson X Football

Client: Wilson Sporting Goods
I’m excited to reveal a sneak peak of my work for Wilson X Connected Football; The world’s first smart football.
In anticipation of the Fall 2016 launch, Wilson is kicking off a Mobile Beta Tour with the first ever public demo in the Bay Area for Super Bowl week. I shot all the key art photography, currently being used online, outdoor and on the back of one badass looking truck! For me it’s the dream campaign; a legacy NFL brand, a Super Bowl launch and gritty black and white photography. Couldn’t be better. Check it out here and there’s more to come. Happy Super Bowl everybody!

Nike spec spot

We just shot this cool little piece at the end of the L.A. Marathon this past weekend. It’s not very often you get these kinds of raw shooting conditions here in L.A., so we wanted to be sure to capture the runners experience as much as possible. After two monitor break- downs, multiple zip lock rain covers, repairing gear in a ‘port-a-loo’ and two complete sets of ruined clothes, the torrential pouring rain finally got the better of us. But the conditions certainly made for a very authentic cast of characters. Couldn’t have wished for better conditions really!