gotta love me some new Banksy


He’s at it again, and just in time for some nice pre- Oscar publicity. Go on lad, win yourself a shiny little statue. If you haven’t seen ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ i highly recommend it. So entertaining, and in Banksy’s own subversive way, enlightening. Anyway, so i thought what better way to spend this holiday monday than on a little street-art scavenger hunt around LA. I originally had four Banksy’s on my shopping list, but found out the de-faced billboard on Sunset has been taken down (apparently the owners realized it would now be a collectors piece, so put it in storage), and a cheeky cigarette smoking arsonist Charlie Brown, ready to pour gasoline on a burned out building. This was my particular favourite, but that too has been removed somehow (they must have literally cut half the wall out or something). Anyway, here’s what’s left……. so far anyway. Banksy, give us some more of your excapades. By the way, if he wins the Oscar, my money is on Mr. Brainwash doing the honors to receive the award.

2 thoughts on “gotta love me some new Banksy

  1. Still a Banksy fan, I see? Me too. I couldn’t believe it when I watched “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and saw scenes from the show we went to!

    Anyway…hope all is well…and thanks again for introducing me to a great artist.

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