The 8 Best Sports Photographers In Los Angeles

I was just named one of ‘The 8 Best Sports Photographers In Los Angeles’ by Peerspace. Which is pretty cool. And this is what they said about me. Nailed it, if I say so myself!……

“Authenticity” may not be the first word to come to mind when thinking of Los Angeles. However, Robert Gallagher’s focus is just that, and no matter what his subject is, his aim is to evoke the truest essence of that subject and capture it as it is — real, raw, and deliberate. Gallagher does fantastic celebrity/portrait work, shooting folks like Clint Eastwood, Don Cheadle, Harrison Ford, and Frank Gehry, but some of his sweetest gems have included shots of youth and amateur sports, MMA, and beachside body-building. No matter the activity he’s capturing, the texture and feeling that ripple through each image remain the same — unflinchingly genuine, laid bare and honest, and electric.

They had me at hello;)

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