Happy Birthday Sidney Poitier

It seems appropriate in some way that his birthday lands on President’s Day, he kinda feels right for that role somehow. We shot him a few years ago now, and a big shout out to my assistant that day Bo B. Randulff for creating the ‘entertained’ off- camera glance. Nice work my man.

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Ultimate Fighting, Las Vegas

Ultimate Fighting Championship, Las Vegas 8/5/05Ultimate Fighting Championship, Las Vegas 8/5/05Ultimate Fighting Championship, Las Vegas 8/5/05Ultimate Fighting Championship, Las Vegas 8/5/05Ultimate Fighting Championship, Las Vegas 8/5/05Ultimate Fighting Championship, Las Vegas 8/5/05

This is a story i shot a while ago, but always wanted to make a directors cut, if you will. For me, the fun part about shooting a story, is maintaining a sense of narrative throughout, so it feels like your going on a journey. To me that is the most powerful piece of story- telling, and reportage work is nothing if not that. There has to be a sense of experience, just like any good documentary film. And Ultimate Fighting is a great subject for that, whether your a fan or not, you have fighters on the fringe of making a name, and wearing their life and scars literally on their sleeves, for everyone to see. As a photographer, you cannot wish for any more than that.

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Condoleezza Rice for Golf Digest


Last month we did a fun shoot with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, on the golf course, obviously! I have to say she was great to work with and quite malleable. I use that expression in terms of how open a subject is to ideas. Sometimes, with high profile people, you just never know. It can go either way. But i think after having been doing this for twenty years or so, that’s where the experience comes in. Knowing when and how to open your big mouth. This is in itself the art of portrait photography if you ask me. Anyway, the other personally gratifying aspect of this shoot, is that i was in effect backing up a personal photo- hero of mine, none other than the great Walter Iooss jr, who i believe was originally slated for this shoot. It feels great to be in such good company. You can read the full article here: http://www.golfdigest.com/magazine/2011-06/condoleeza-rice-interview

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gotta love me some new Banksy


He’s at it again, and just in time for some nice pre- Oscar publicity. Go on lad, win yourself a shiny little statue. If you haven’t seen ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ i highly recommend it. So entertaining, and in Banksy’s own subversive way, enlightening. Anyway, so i thought what better way to spend this holiday monday than on a little street-art scavenger hunt around LA. I originally had four Banksy’s on my shopping list, but found out the de-faced billboard on Sunset has been taken down (apparently the owners realized it would now be a collectors piece, so put it in storage), and a cheeky cigarette smoking arsonist Charlie Brown, ready to pour gasoline on a burned out building. This was my particular favourite, but that too has been removed somehow (they must have literally cut half the wall out or something). Anyway, here’s what’s left……. so far anyway. Banksy, give us some more of your excapades. By the way, if he wins the Oscar, my money is on Mr. Brainwash doing the honors to receive the award.

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Lorena Ochoa retires


I heard today that Lorena Ochoa, the world’s number 1 female golfer ( and has been so since the beginning of time, or so it seems), is retiring right in the middle of the season, and right at the top of her game! I had the great pleasure of being asked by Sports Illustrated to travel down to her home town of Guadalajara, Mexico and do a shoot with her for their end of year portfolio. It was a great trip and shoot, and Lorena was so unassuming and sweet to work with. I can only imagine it’s a temporary retirement ( i.e. a break form the game), as she’s been the queen of women’s golf since she was 8!

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jesse billauer


i love this shoot we did recently, with Jesse Billauer: quadriplegic surfer, founder of ‘Life Rolls On’, and inspiration to us all. http://www.malibutimes.com/malibu_times_magazine/

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