cover shoot: The Times Magazine

Here’s a fun little shoot for The Times Magazine (UK) with Dr. Brandy Engler, noted sex therapist and author of ‘The Men on My Couch’. And for some details of the trials and tribulations that often go into location shooting like this, read here on my agency Wonderful Machine’s blog post. You can see the original article in The Times here.


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Don Winslow for The Independent Magazine

We recently took a trip down to Solana Beach, just north of San Diego, California for a shoot with one of the hottest novelists around; Don Winslow. Don’s a private detective turned crime writer, and although originally from the New York area, his ‘thing’ centers on the US/ Mexican drug underworld, and the subcultures of the surf lifestyle. Hence his novel ‘Savages’, which Oliver Stone made into a movie this year. In fact we did a awesome with Oliver Stone just a couple of months ago for same movie’s release. More of that shoot to come in a later post.

Don’s an interesting guy, with a great story, and i highly recommend any of his work for reading materials. Thanks to Nick Hall at The Independent Magazine for such a great use of my images in the print version, but the entire article can be found online here

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‘Won’t Back Down’ for People Magazine

You may have heard about the movie ‘Won’t Back Down’ starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis, about a couple of parents whose children attend a severely failing school, and are determined to change it for the better. It’s based on a true story about a school in LA, and in reality, those parents did not succeed in changing their school, but the parent trigger law was created as a result. The parents above however, did take on and beat their local school district in Adelanto near Victorville, CA, and in the process became the first group to enact the parent trigger law and take charge of their children’s schooling. Good for them.

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Emma Koenig for The Times Magazine

We recently did a shoot for The Times magazine (UK) with uber-blogger and ‘Carrie Bradshaw‘ of today’s teen- generation Emma Koenig. As The Donald would say “she’s gonna be huge”! This is a screen- shot of the web version, actual tearsheet coming soon.

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tearsheets: Golf World cover

Thanks to Condoleezza Rice being one of the first women granted membership to Augusta National, we made the current cover of Golf World magazine. Shot on assignment for Golf Digest last year, Condi was a lot of fun to work with.

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The Times magazine wins Supplement of the Year!

I’m proud to have been a contributor and part of the winning team for The Times Magazine which last night won Supplement of The Year at the The Press Awards. Thanks to photo editors Graham and Eithne, for some great assignments and the creative freedom to explore. Let’s keep it going!

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youtube stars for Der Spiegel

Youtube sensations Strawburry 17 and David Choi, photographed for German Der Spiegel magazine. Whoever said internet fame isn’t real fame and fortune…. these kids are having sell-out gigs and ridiculous CD sales. Quite unreal when you think of it. Homemade music gone HUGE. Kinda cool. Good luck to ’em, and both real cool kids.

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BlizzCon for The Times Magazine

I recently had an interesting assignment for The Times of London saturday magazine, to enter a world unlike any other; where seemingly normal people played out there fantasies….as fantasy characters, and danced in a dance- off…..yes, a fantasy dance-off. Blizzcon is the annual ‘festival’ of Blizzard Entertainment, creators of the video game ‘world of warcraft’ and it’s like Vegas meets toysrus on steroids. Vegas because the three huge conference arenas are dark, packed and endlessly huge, lit only by the glow of thousands of computer screens reflected off expressionless faces staring into oblivion.
But this is the kind of assignment i do enjoy. Where you can literally slip un-noticed into someone else’s world. Observe, capture, document. And with the subjects being so immersed in their own goings on, you can simply shoot and think creatively, without anyone bothering you, or asking questions. I love just being able to roam unfettered. But i have to say, the costumes some of these people created…..quite unbelieveable, they literally shoot themselves. So thank you, made my life easier!

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new work: Lydia Hearst for Style magazine (Italy)

This shoot had all the ingredients for a real Hollywood moment…..yes, she’s the daughter of Patti, great-granddaughter William Randolph Hearst, the shoot was done at The famed Chateau Marmont Hotel in the actual bungalow where John Belushi overdosed……. and finally halfway through the shoot actor Jeff Goldblum casually walks in to say hi! Just another day at the office.

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US Open champions; old and new


Above is our recent shoot with former US Open Champion at Congressional, Ken Venturi, who won in 1964, in the current issue of Golf World Magazine. Ken was great to work with, and at 80, was quite happy to work through a number of different shots around his home in Palm Springs. In fact we just basically turned it into a photo studio. But he was cool with that, so i can’t argue. He has a fascinating story of how he fought massive heat stroke to win the title back in ’64. I guess they didn’t have tiny little water bottles in those days! And below current US Open Champion Graeme McDowell. We shot him a few years ago, when he was nothing but a wee lad. Look at him now, all growd up and winning majors!golf2

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Condoleezza Rice for Golf Digest


Last month we did a fun shoot with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, on the golf course, obviously! I have to say she was great to work with and quite malleable. I use that expression in terms of how open a subject is to ideas. Sometimes, with high profile people, you just never know. It can go either way. But i think after having been doing this for twenty years or so, that’s where the experience comes in. Knowing when and how to open your big mouth. This is in itself the art of portrait photography if you ask me. Anyway, the other personally gratifying aspect of this shoot, is that i was in effect backing up a personal photo- hero of mine, none other than the great Walter Iooss jr, who i believe was originally slated for this shoot. It feels great to be in such good company. You can read the full article here:

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