‘Fighters magazine’; a self-promo piece.

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If you’re a lucky photo editor or art buyer, coming soon to a desk near you…. our latest promo-zine ‘Fighters’. We hope you enjoy.

get a government job!

“If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give yourself?”
“Honestly? I would have told myself to get a government job with a nice retirement package so I could retire after 20-25 years and then do my photography while collecting my pension all the while. I don’t want to sound like sour grapes or anything but I’m approaching 39 and while I’m thrilled to have published books, have had exhibitions and the opportunity to travel to amazing places and meet wonderful people thanks to my career, I have no retirement plan whatsover. I didn’t know then that the industry would change so much and make it more difficult to survive. Frankly I’ve given myself a time limit: if by the time I turn 40 I’m not in the place I was hoping to be I will try a different vocation. I love animals and it’s not too late to go back to school to become a vet tech. This is realistic and pragmatic me speaking of course.”

Naomi Harris via THIS IS THE WHAT

Happy Birthday Sidney Poitier

It seems appropriate in some way that his birthday lands on President’s Day, he kinda feels right for that role somehow. We shot him a few years ago now, and a big shout out to my assistant that day Bo B. Randulff for creating the ‘entertained’ off- camera glance. Nice work my man.

Der Spiegel


The writer Bret Easton Ellis, shot at his home in West Hollywood. He challenged me “I’m so bored with all the photo shoots done in this house, every conceivable angle has been shot to death. I defy you to shoot an original picture”. Allrighty then! I think it works quite well, particularly the shape of the legs in the frame.

a shoot with US Open winner Graeme McDowell

Graeme McDowell
I was so happy to hear that Graeme McDowell from sunny ‘Norn Irn’ won the US Open this past weekend. It reminded me of a cool shoot I did with him back in 2004 for The Observer Sports Magazine (UK). We spent an afternoon on a Scottsdale, Arizona golf course, just shooting around making pictures, and he was awesome to work with. No publicists, no handlers, just me and him having a laugh. I still can’t play golf though. I guess i never picked up any tips. Anyway, good for you Graeme. I’ve always been keeping an eye on your progress.

Lorena Ochoa retires


I heard today that Lorena Ochoa, the world’s number 1 female golfer ( and has been so since the beginning of time, or so it seems), is retiring right in the middle of the season, and right at the top of her game! I had the great pleasure of being asked by Sports Illustrated to travel down to her home town of Guadalajara, Mexico and do a shoot with her for their end of year portfolio. It was a great trip and shoot, and Lorena was so unassuming and sweet to work with. I can only imagine it’s a temporary retirement ( i.e. a break form the game), as she’s been the queen of women’s golf since she was 8!