behind the shoot- ‘sand sprinter’ personal project

‘Sand Sprinter’ photo-shoot behind the scenes from Robert Gallagher on Vimeo.

Here’s a fun little behind the scenes video of a personal project i shot a little while ago. With much thanks to Devin Trafford for the iPhone camera-work, and Joe Ashby for almost but not quite pulling a hamstring!

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four years ago today

I decided to make a trip to Democratic Party Headquarters in Inglewood, South Central Los Angeles, a notoriously tough, yet deeply- rooted African American neighborhood, where i knew the Obama fervour would be high on the eve of such a historic day; the possible election of the first black US President. What a day it promised to be.

At the barbershop across the street, a popular local hangout, while still open for business everyone kept one eye on the TV with the other on the buzzcut, until the word finally came and the drinks began to flow.

But when the official results came through, and it finally seemed safe to allow oneself to truly believe what you’d previously dared not to, the emotions back at Democratic HQ were truly palpable. It was indeed a day in history. I’d like to thank everyone at Inglewood Democratic Party HQ for letting me witness it with them.

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Waiting for Endeavour

The Space Shuttle holds a special place in my heart. I was obsessed with Space travel from an early age, and yes, Astronaut was my first what-do-i-wanna-do-when-i-grow-up thing. Added to the fact i was born in the year Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. But the Space Shuttle in particular was exciting to me, because it was the first program i got to fully experience right from the beginning, so you can see how i’d built up a strong connection. It felt like my space program. In fact, one of my earliest school memories, when i was maybe 10 years old or so, we had to give a class demonstration on any subject of our choosing (a daunting prospect to any kid). As i considered myself somewhat of an expert on the Shuttle, naturally i chose it, focusing on the remarkable aspect that everything was re-useable. But what i specifically remember was when one class- mate asked the question “what do they do with their waste?”, i answered “They re-use it!”, not realising he meant their toilet waste. I now stood in front of a room full of howling class-mates! Thanks Space Shuttle. Good times. Anyway, it’s been a long journey, but she’s finally retired, and i was compelled to take a look at her last journey, which was without doubt one of her strangest, through the mean- streets of South Central L.A. Good on yer Space Shuttle, always interesting right to the end. It was great to see she still inspires hope and wonder wherever she goes though.

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show some love

When you decide to express your Valentine-yness this year, do us all a favor and steer clear of those plastic balloons, which seem to inevitably end up bobbing around in the ocean, contributing to the Great Pacific Garbage Dump. That’s right, i’m referring to the floating island of never-gonna-go-away plastic trash near Hawaii that about the size of Texas. These were just three of many i saw on the beach in Santa Monica this time last year. Show some love for mother nature too!

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Deep Creek Natural Springs

Over the christmas holidays myself and some friends took a hike out to one of the Los Angeles’s hidden treasures….. Deep Creek natural hot springs. It’s really quite a remarkable find, and quite a long uphill hike back. But make sure you leave the springs before the sun goes down, or you’ll be sleeping rough out there in the California desert.

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LA Gun Club

Not much of a gun- afficianado as such, but it is a fun and unusual thing to do when the parents are in town from UK. So off we went to shoot some Guns Yee-ha! Those things are surprisingly accurate…. or i’m extraordinarily good at it ( i think it’s the former). We shot a Beretta 9mm, and an AM-15, which is basically an M-16. It’s makes you think, you don’t have to be an amazing talent to hit the target with these machines in your hands. Scary thought really.

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Dennis Quaid plays House of Blues, Hollywood

Thanks to my friend Michele, i got invited this week to the premiere of Dennis Quaid’s new movie ‘Beneath the Darkness’. Kind of a fun movie, a teenager high- school horror flick, similar in vain to the ‘Scream’ movies. I gotta admit though, Quaid is good as the bad guy. He’s got a good crazy eyes look, and plays the psycho killer pretty well. But even more fun was the after party at the House of Blues. That dude got some talent.

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An homage to my own local surf spot. The grey skies, cold, grey water. I immediately feel like i’m bobbing up and down, eyes fixed on the horizon, trying to get a head- start on the next decent set. What a great way to spend a couple of hours amongst dolphins, seals and pelicans taking a nose dive just feet from where you sit.

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the surfing muslims!

Yeah, not exactly something you see everyday, but that’s why we carry a camera with us everywhere we go, right? and i don’t mean an iPhone. I think we can do better than that. The Fuji x100 is the way to go. small, discreet, amazing quality, and pretty darn nicely designed too. But three muslim women wearing burqa’s going surfing! Come on, are you serious? How can you not shoot it, even if your not that welcome to. Some things just have to be done!

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