BMX freestyle

I see these guys out here in my neighborhood every weekend without fail, just strutting their stuff. So I had to shoot them sooner or later. How can you not? It’s so cool to watch, and always draws an impromptu crowd. It’s like dancing on bikes (wait, is that the makings of a new reality show i hear you say? Good lord I hope not!). Anyway, there’s something just so poetically beautiful and organic about it. One of my favorite things to shoot is people when there in the zone, that’s why i always love shooting athletes, it’s so easy to latch onto that thing that makes a great picture. These shots and this subject matter kind of reminds me of my ‘sign spinners’ project I did a while back. What’s that you ask…. I’ll show soon.

One thought on “BMX freestyle

  1. Hi! I saw this pic and loved it! I used it for my 8tracks playlist, but please let me know if you’d like me to remove it. 🙂

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