Simon Sinek ‘Start With Why’

Yesterday was a good day. It all started out with a photo shoot with Simon Sinek, a cool, young, new- thinking entrepreneur ( my favorite kind). The shoot all worked out organically. Nice! Then simon invited me to his guest speaking event last night. Now I’ve been reading his book, but the seminar? Words fail me. I think there’s a lot of ‘new thinkers’ out there, and it can be easy to be cynical, but Simon has really hit on something. What was so impactful to me (other than his great story telling ablility) was the simple fact that people/ clients/ whatever don’t come to you for WHAT you do, but WHY you do it. Think about that. You probably think you know the ‘why’, but in reality it’s probably just the ‘what’ and ‘how’ you do what you do that your familiar with. Do yourself a favor, and learn how do grasp the ‘why’. Now i know that probably sounds too simple and straightforward on it’s own, but believe me, you’ve never thought of things with this much clarity before. If you only get inspired by one person a month, consider Simon Sinek next time!

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