Page One…. the movie

Sobering. That’s the first word that comes to mind, having just watched the documentary that takes you behind The New York Times. Maybe its because i love newspapers, always have. I love the pace, i love the passion, but most of all i love the topicality of it all. Whatever your working on, its the very thing people are talking about….. and i was there, to capture the very essence of it all. I’ve been working in newspapers and magazines for over twenty years now, and i look back to the frantic days at The Independent on Sunday and The Guardian with great pride. So i relate very strongly with the story of Page One, and if you love newspapers, you will too. Having said that, the argument of where things go from here, is a truly fascinating debate. To roughly quote one scene “its not whether newspapers should exist, its can they.” Truly a changing time. But i tell you, there’s no better way to for an ambitious twenty year old to start a career than racing across London, picture editor screaming in your ear, while you describe what you think is ‘the picture’ (remember this is well before digital and auto focus), editing barely dry negatives, and slapping five or six still wet 11×14 exhibition quality black and white prints onto the newsroom wall, while the picture editor, sports editor and editor in chief discuss which image not just tells the story, but does so with a visual poetry. Then seeing all that work come together on page one next day! More about Page One here, or watch it on netflix instantly.
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Showjumping World Championships, photographed for The Independent on Sunday, 1991.

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