‘NewYorkopolis’ another iphone photo essay


here’s one more iphone photo combo, from a recent trip to the big apple. What’s not to love about the iphone for pure spontaneous photography. except of course the file size etc. But what i like is that it really simplifies things. Your stuck with the one lens and such limitations which i think is a good thing. Need a zoom lens on your iphone? It’s those two extremities below the waist. Walk!
clockwise from top left:
5th Ave.- This guy just looks perfect for a hurried, impatient business-on-his-mind New Yorker.
Empire State Building- what a beautiful day for a meeting, this was right after leaving the offices of ESPN magazine
‘Man with sink’ 5th Ave.- say no more!
Yankee Stadium bleachers- the reaction when a lone Red Sox fan decided to make his home in the bleachers. Oh yeah, and the Red Sox weren’t even playing that day. Forgetaboutit!

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